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What is Irish women's obsession with faking it with beauty? We investigate

At May 18, 2016

The cosmetics market in Ireland is a multi-million-euro company. According to the ICDA, the market in Europe has actually reported sales in excess of 70 billion, so it’s quite safe to say we love our put.

I, myself, am a self-confessed beauty addict. I invest most of my incomes on items and treatments. I get the exact same buzz from purchasing skin care that other women obtain from shoes.

I’m no complete stranger to faking it. I’m happy with looking after my look and wear t judge anybody who opts to do the exact same. I’ve never had cosmetic surgery, but I am not against it, when done morally and responsibly by both the patient and the cosmetic surgeon.

We surveyed Irish women to select their brains and pocket-spend, when it comes to all things improvement.

We once looked throughout the pond at our American cousins and tutted at their penchant for plastic, but it seems Irish women s attitudes have actually altered with almost 60% stating they would think about plastic surgery, with eyebrow lifts and lip as the top procedures of option.


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Your Beauty Products Are Not Eliminating You

At May 18, 2016

As an individual who discusses beauty products for a living, I’m pounded with lots of items a week and similarly as lots of questions from friends and family. These days, the something that everyone wants to know is: Are my beauty products going to eliminate me?

It's the perfect environment for so-called natural and safe beauty brands to step in and lighten our worries with items that will not disrupt our endocrine systems, whatever that might indicate.

Once upon a time, natural beauty products indicated soap peppered with brown flakes, or a hunk of shea butter in a glass jar resting on the dusty rack of a weird-smelling natural food store. For these beauty product facials in los angeles is best place to visit.

Beginning in the late 70s, a proliferation of commercial brand names like Aveda, Burt's Bees, Neal's Yard and others popped up, marketing to earth mamas and hippie types. Fast forward to now: The Clorox Company owns Burt's Bees and Gwyneth Paltrow simply released a $140, largely natural night cream. We're in an entire brand-new period of beauty marketing, and you're damn ideal to be puzzled.


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Dove's brand-new campaign states all kinds of hair are 'beautiful'.

At May 18, 2016

Exactly what is the meaning of lovely hair?

That's exactly what Dove's most current campaign, #LoveYourHair, is digging into.

The initiative, which released Thursday early morning, intends to display women of different shapes, sizes and colors, and to advise them to use their hair how they want, whenever they wish to.

" I adulted thinking I could not be blonde because Asians simply didn't do that," states one woman called Sable Yong, in the video.

" A buddy once determined me if I put color back in my hair it would make me look better," another stated.


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  • Survey Reult

    85% of those who took our survey said they used phony tan and over half confessed sensation less positive without it. It’s not surprising that Ireland’s Tanning Queen Marissa Carter, has produced an empire on our love of the brown things.



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